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Black Lady's Temple

Welcome to Black Lady's Temple. Here, on the dark side of the moon, evil is scurrying about feeling the dark energy. One such evil is the spirit of Black Lady. Ever since her defeat against Sailormoon she is feverishly determined to bring the Negamoon back. Watch out for her burning beauty is only an illusion hiding the surging power of the Negamoon. If not careful she will revenge on YOU!

<> :::T h e a t e r::: <> :::D a r k G a l l e r y::: <> :::S c o u t I m a g e s::: <>
<> :::P r o f i l e s::: <> :::B l a c k P o l l::: <> :::E v i l E y e s::: <>
<> :::C l u b s::: <> :::L i n k s::: <> :::W e b r i n g s::: <>
<> :::E m a i l:::

Wicked Lady
was adopted on 4/30/99
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:::S i g n:::

:::V i e w:::

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